Luks Group's principal business and assets are situated in Vietnam. Over 95% of the Group's revenue is generated from Vietnam and about 75% of the Group’s non-current assets are located in Vietnam. Our Group principally engaged in infrastructure and property related business in Vietnam, including Cement business, Property Investment business and Property Development business.
15 Sep 16 Announcements and Notices - List of Directors and Their Role and Function
14 Sep 16 Announcements and Notices - Change of Independent Non-executive Director and Member of Audit Committee
30 Aug 16 Announcements and Notices - Interim Results Announcement for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2016
12 Aug 16 Announcements and Notices - Date of Board Meeting
20 May 16 Announcements and Notices - Poll Results of Annual General Meeting Held on 20 May 2016

Interim Report

Annual Report
LUKS GROUP (VN) : 00366.HK
Stock Exchange: SEHK
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